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Nature's Way Waterers utilize a nipple watering system that allows young birds to peck at the nipples for water, as shown in the drawing above.  In nature, young birds would naturally sip the dew that accumulates and drips off tree leaves.  Our nipple waterers mimic this natural watering system to provide a natural, healthy supply of water to birds.


Clean water is the most important nutrient for your gamebirds.  Gamebirds face many challenges as they survive and grow in the wild.  However, they do not face a problem with clean fresh water, because nature provides dew drops every morning for several hours.  Nature's Way nipple waterers will provide the same clean, fresh water to each individual bird, day after day, week after week, without labor to clean open troughs, cups, or bell-type waterers.  The clean, uncontaminated water is a tremendous advantage in preventing diseases and parasites that are transmitted from bird to bird. 


Nature's Way nipple waterers have advantages over other nipple waterers.  There is no pressure on the water supply inside the tube.  Day-old birds can drink without tiring.  Other systems use a pressure regulator which supplies water under two to eight pounds of water column pressure.  Day-old birds grow tired of breaking the trip pin and often do not consume as much water as needed for best performance.  Further, litter will stay drier because there is less waste of water from a non-pressurized nipple waterer.


The waterer shown in the drawing above is Nature's Way Model #33.  It has three nipples and is approximately three feet long, and is capable of watering approximately 100 quail.  Click here for prices.


Nature's Way Waterers can also be used for administering medication, as shown in the drawing below.  Medication of the smallest flock to thousands of birds is made simple and absolutely accurate.  Birds may be medicated by gravity-supplying the waterer from a tank of medicated water to the float box, as shown below.